Thursday, 13 August 2009

Back in the UK

This post comes to you from Chipps in Bristol. After lounging around in Biarritz last night and this morning, having ice cream and wine last night and a great breakfast this morning, I'm now back in the UK. My bike and bags made it back fine and it's going to be a case of slowly getting back to the normal world where you don't have to climb over that big mountain before you can have lunch...

I have 1000 photos from the trip that I'll edit down and post up on Flickr (though, if you're really naughty, I'll come round and give you a slideshow of the whole lot...) and I also have my daily journal that I kept, which, if anyone's interested, I can transcribe and post up here day-by-day and relive the trip all over again.

Thanks for following. I'm now tanned, fitter and not as scared about doing silly trips on bikes - so expect more to come...

Chipps, Bristol. August 13th


  1. well done mate and welcome back.

  2. Yes, well done Chipps. I'll read the journal if you post it. Look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas in the coming weeks.

    Life after a trip...any trip...can be hard to adjust back to. That's the sad reality of life as we know it. Could there be a simpler way? Perhaps.

  3. tanned and fitter-good work! so, what's the next trip ;)

  4. It's tempting to just do the whole trip again... :-)
    I'd like to do the French side again with more friends and less luggage. Perhaps with a van... And I now need to do some more UK stuff too - as well as trying out the off-road potential of the Fargo too.