Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Lists, Lists, Lists

Having had a couple of trans-Atlantic flights in the last week (a total of seven takeoffs - eight if you count the unscheduled stop in Denver for a medical emergency on board) I've had plenty of time to sit down and write detailed lists of what I'm going to be taking with me.

I've written the lists. Then I've subdivided them and detailed each subdivision (riding clothes, camping clothes, toolkit, wash kit, rain gear, tent and assorted...) All very organised, though what's worrying me is that at no time have I actually crossed anything out. I'm on a mission to take far too much stuff and I'll only know what I'm taking when I try to cram it all into my Epic Designs frame and seat packs.

On a gear note again, on my return I found a couple of parcels of goodies that I've bought (yes, bought), like the Big Agnes Pitchpine sleeping bag and the Exped sleeping mat. It's all slowly coming together. Looks like I'll have to have my dress-rehearsal the night before I leave...

Pictures tomorrow. Though talking of that. What camera to take, eh? And how to charge it. I'm debating whether to take my Palm Pilot and folding keyboard with me to write stuff, but I may just go old school. And as for updating my blog, I reckon I might just text stuff home and get someone in the UK to post it here for the six or so people watching closely. :-)

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  1. Multimat three season military mat. Cheap as chips, integrated pillow, only 1/3 the bulk of a Thermarest, and subdued colours. I now have room at the top of my Kimm sac. Oh what to do with it :)