Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Time, time, time...

Now that I'm off in five weeks... (eek) I'm starting to wonder when I'm going to have time to procure, pack and check all of the (not very much) kit that I'm going to be taking. I have an order in with Epic Designs for bags, I have an order in with Craig at Fastandlight and I have a bike that works. The trouble is, I'm off to Mayhem in a day, then I'm immediately off to Idaho for a week for a press launch - which is great, but isn't going to help me work out how much of my toothbrush to saw off :-)

I return to the Singletrack Weekender race and then deadline week. And then I'm in Austria for four days at a Trek launch. I get back to Stanstead on the Sunday, have to head to Tod to pack that night, then on the Monday I need to be near Bristol Airport for my Tuesday flight.

Ahh well. This kind of bustle is the reason that I'm getting away... It'll all work out. 


  1. Well you know where there's a room for you in Bristol!

  2. Buy minty chewing gum while you're out there and leave the toothbrush at home.

  3. Coincidentally, I have just finished re-reading Laurie Lee's 'As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning'. When he returned to Spain to do his going-to-war thing he crossed the Pyrenees in december. By all accounts don't do that, but do take a wide brimmed hat or brolly.

    Surely it is not a question of what or how little to pack, but whether all that you take matches & compliments the colour of your bicycle. It is important to look the part - can Mr Parsons add some leather detailing to match your bar tape?

    Lee's violin helped break the ice with the locals and fill his belly - I don't know if there is an S&S couplings equivalent for guitars - maybe a pack a ukelele?