Monday, 15 June 2009

Must pack small...

A quick Sunday-morning trip to the supermarket to load up on the essentials (milk, bread, cheese coffee and stuff) and I thought I'd take the Fargo with its current, borrowed frame bag (thanks Dr Jon!)

Trying to fit in four pints of milk (why do Morrisons sell milk in multiples of pints, yet our milkman delivers in litres?) a malt loaf, shampoo and some goats cheese showed just how little volume there is in one of these frame bags. I'm going to have to consider things very carefully when I pack - for both weight and volume...

(Oh, and I'm not suggesting that I'll actually be trying to pack milk and malt load with me, that was just for an idea of size...) :-)

I'm shopping with Craig at tomorrow for a Big Agnes sleeping bag, an Exped sleeping mat and a few cool cooking things (Optimus Crux stove and stuff...) - Should be fun.


  1. Let the fun begin Chipps!

    On the stove front, I'd highly encourage you to consider just making a cat food tin alcohol stove. About as light as it can get, and rubbing alcohol should be easy to find when passing through civilization. Here in Minnesota most gas stations will have HEET (stuff you pour into your automobile gas tank in winter to prevent the fuel line from freezing). Nice small bottles.

    If you choose your food wisely, you won't need to use the stove that much and can just use it to heat up a nice cuppa when you need it.

    I look forward to watching this site and your upcoming adventure.

    Kid Riemer

  2. I'm still tempted by a 'regular' stove from a simplicity and reliability point of view. That and wanting something that 'just works' at the end of the day. And having been nearly covered in flaming alcohol by an unsteady beer-can alcohol stove, I'm a little wary of them...

  3. One of those Epic Designs bar mounted carriers, normally filled with bedding roll or tent, would be perfect for safe carriage of baguettes.

  4. Did you order a saddle bag in the end? You're welcome to borrow my Super Twinkie when WMTB have done the photos.

  5. I may be able to strap baguettes to the fork legs by using the bottle cage mounts there... We'll see :-)

    Shaggy, I went for the normal (sub-Twinkie?) bag. If I can't fit everything in there, then I'll either chuck stuff away, or give you a call...

  6. exciting stuff! i'd second the alcohol stove as you might find it hard to get gas replacements that fit the stove. sleeping mat-be brave, all you need is a layer of bubble wrap ;)