Sunday, 19 July 2009

3...2...1... Off tomorrow!

Well, nearly. I'm off down to Bristol tomorrow to stay with the great Shaggy, then I'm flying to Biarritz first thing Tuesday morning. In between then and now I need to:

a) Have my Carradice bar bag turn up in the post tomorrow, the final piece in the jigsaw
b) Get my bike packed down and into its travel box
c) Make sure I have everything - and that it all fits into my Epic Designs luggage
d) Pack for the wedding (suit and all) that I'm going to the day after I get back on August 13th
e) Remember where I'm staying in Biarritz.

That's about it for now. Now where did I put that packing list?

Thanks in advance to Dr Jon, who'll be updating my blog by remote control while I'm away.


  1. Does your bar bag work with STI cables? See you tomorrow!

  2. I'm assured that it'll work in a 'push the cables aside' kind of way. I don't reckon I'll get all my stuff in otherwise :-) - just light, bulky things like my four maps and a cable lock don't fit anywhere in the super neat Epic bags.

    If the Carradice bag doesn't show I may flirt with using a Camelbak, but I'll avoid that if I can.