Saturday, 25 July 2009

Double header!

"Hi all! Legs are OKish but doing better than I thought. Day 2 was 108km with 2263m of climbing. Once again, enthusiastic map choice sent me up a 100m climb rather than around. Did the Marie Blanc today and only stopped about 10 times. Met a guy doing my route sans tent in 7 days! Now in a cheap campsite with a big Pelforth beer and supermarket sarnies for tea. Doubt i'll make it past 10pm. Aubisque and Soulour tomorrow. Cloudy now, might rain tomorrow. x"

"Yay! phone works again. Did the Aubisque and Soulour yesterday in a cloud finishing half way up the Tourmalet. 76km 2103m climb. Today is cloudless. Off to do the Tourmalet and Aspin and Peyresourde I reckon, ending in Luchon or so. x"

Thats some big climbing in some excellent scenery. Roll on!


  1. I'd forgotten about Pelforth - the one with the Pelican on the labe right? Do they still sell stubbies of St Omer too?

  2. have you changed your socks yet?