Thursday, 9 July 2009

Last minute stove?

I've got a Pocket Rocket ordered, but evil Dave A has just shown me this

It'll take a meths burner like my Trangia one (easy to get in Europe) but mainly burns twigs... Is it too late to suddenly decide to get one? Hmm...


  1. I was going to suggest one of these for France:

    Camping Gaz is _the_ french fuel, canisters are safe and easier to carry than meths/white fuel, and the inbuilt piezo-ignition means you can skimp on matches/lighters.

  2. The French appear to have a love of the pierceable gas containers though, so I'm planning on taking an adaptor that'll let me remove the burner for stowage. It's not ideal though, which is why a twig-burner suddenly appeals...

  3. The canisters for this model don't pierce - you can just twist it on/off. Then it fits perfectly inside one of their pans - but I can't seem to find the cookset for sale on t'internet. Mine came as a job lot - two nested pans which hold the pan handle, burner and small cartridge (a CV270 googling tells me).

  4. From what I've heard, it's hard to get twist on/off canisters in Europe, which is why I'm getting a twist-on Pocket Rocket stove with a pierceable adaptor, then I can run either, should I find them.

    No one seems to share my enthusiasm for the wood stove then? Perhaps it's just my love of burning things.