Thursday, 30 July 2009

It´s actually me!

It´s actual live-me here. I´m at a rather commercial campsite on the north east coast of Spain around 50km north of Girona. Today was supposed to be an easy spin down the coast from Argeles Sur Mer, though as is the way of many coast roads, the road wound up and down and my 75km spin ended up having just shy of 1000m of climbing to it. Off to meet Laura Bontrager in Girona tomorrow and start the slightly more mellow trek west.

I met a couple cycle touring from Zurich down to the south of Spain today. They have a BOB trailer and panniers going on and are doing it far more properly than me, in that they´re on the road by 7am for a few hours, then they stop at 1pm for lunch to miss the heat of the day and start again around 4pm. I, meanwhile started at 1pm after a make-shift lunch of nice cheese and chorizo rolls and the remainder of last night´s wine and then rode flat out for six hours. I imagine that the addition of a touring parter in Mrs B. will help temper the ´must reach the top of the climb as quickly as possible´syndrome...

Thanks to all who´ve been following and commenting and special thanks to my stunt-blogger Dr Jon... I´ve taken 388 photos so far so some of you are in for a really, really dull slide show when I get back.

Did I mention it´s 35 degrees?


  1. There are NO easy days on this tour, as Phil Ligget would probably say ;-)

  2. that's one leisurely breakfast you're having ;)

  3. Looking forward to the slide show when I pick you up from Bristol Airport ;)