Monday, 6 July 2009

Taking shape...

The old Fargo has been through a few different looks in the last few days. It's worn some big 2.1 knobblies and a super-light Specialized saddle, I've (unsuccessfully) tried sticking a rear rack on it and the frame bag its wearing is temporary until my Epic Designs bags turn up.

I'm still debating the footwear (yes I know it's a bit late for all that). One option was for super-race shoes, like my Specialized S-Works MTB shoes, but then I'd also need to take evening/walking around-wear like flip flops (or Crocs as they're lighter, but bulkier). I reckon that, if I can, I'll just take one pair that does it all - so I'm testing out these stiff-ish Shimano shoes. So far they're fine for wearing around the office all day, but I'll be out for a medium ride in the next day or two to try them on the bike.

Here's my temporary frame bag, borrowed from the great Dr Jon - it has three vertical compartments, which are proving surprisingly small... We'll see if the Epic Designs bags offer any more room. You can also see the first of two bottle cages that I'm going to fork-mount. Easy to reach and shouldn't affect handling at all.

I finally got my matching Salsa Pro Moto Stem. I like the fact that I have a matching stem for the Fargo frame. It's how Salsa bikes should always be.

Smart looking wheel/tyre combo - Shimano 29er wheels with XT hubs and Continental Top Contact tyres. Chunky, but with super deep tread and a punctureproof layer too.

I'm not sure about the Brooks saddle, but I took the Spesh Phenom saddle off after advice from Sir Phil of Horseness who has seen too many bent or broken ones for it to be top of the list for a long tour. I'll either put one of my Brooks Saddles on (neither of which are very broken in yet...) or go for the Fizik Aliante that's been great on my road bike so far.


  1. Nice. I like the topcap ;-)

  2. What WOULD Stamstad do? :-)
    Of course it had to be on there...

  3. The conti tyres look good, might have to give them a go when (if) my Schwalbe Land Cruiser 40c's wear out.

    Frame bags do offer lots more space for bits and bobs but it is very dependant on frame size. My CDW bag has loads of room but it is on a 20" frame with a big head tube....

    Brooks are great when broken in but even then I find my Rocket V and Cane Creek ST much nicer (even on the road)


    Shoes are an issue, I would opt for some nice flipflops and really comfortable shoes (Spesh BG race shoes) but my knees are pretty picky about shoes and pedals on long rides.

  4. My Plan A was always Spesh BG race shoes too, but they're silly stiff for walking around in and flipflops are OK assuming it's sunny (and they take up space...).
    I'm wondering about just having one pair of shoes for both duties. I'll do a big ride in the Shimanos this weekend and see how I get on.

  5. It's nice to ride in tight/stiff/tilted shoes then kick them off at the end of the day. Helps you feel like the ride is over and relax.

    You'll never believe a flip flop can feel warm.

  6. Buy some espadrilles out there...

  7. Take stiff shoes and shop for beach flops when I get there? Nice idea...