Thursday, 9 July 2009


Added a couple more bits and pieces for the trip today. A couple of roll-top Exped drybags, travel detergent, a fire-flint thing for when the matches run out - hang on, I don't have any matches yet! Must stick them on the list. And a couple of Wayfarer meals-in-a-bag just for the hell of it. No Epic Designs bags yet so I still haven't worked out if I'll be able to carry everything. It's looking like a long list - perhaps I should write it out for you all and see how silly it looks. 

I may have to get the gram-scales out and see if taking a charger for my GPS, phone and iPod is going to be heavier than a solar charger. Stuff like that...

One of the most exciting things today has been composing my 'Out of Office' autoreply for when I'm away. Not long now - in fact, two weeks tonight should be my first night out on the road after leaving my Biarritz base. Woo and eek!

1 comment:

  1. Matches? Get Brant to recall his Iditabike story for you and just buy a cheap BIC lighter in a french supermarket or tobacconist.

    Come on, give us the list. We can all have fun adding to it :)