Wednesday, 22 July 2009

mtb cast?

Deeeeee de, da de dah didah...

(pics courtesy of kristen davis....thankyou! clicky to make biggy.

"Just got to a campsite in St Jean Pied a Port. Left Biarritz at 1.30pm in 28 degrees centigrade. 65 km in 4 hours with 1055m of climbing. Not bad for an afternoons work. Early bed and early start tomorrow i reckon."

Wish i was there...jon


  1. Jon,

    Is Chipps angry with you or something? Putting you through these tortuous postings while he's out playing...too cruel.

  2. MTB-cast? Jammy git cast more like ;)

    Oh well, off to work in the rain...


  3. as much as id like to be there kid, im in blighty---chipps is flying - for the most part - solo on this one . i think he's being joined by folk at some point briefly... ;-)~

  4. and a few more photos here:

    (You'll have to copy/paste as blogspot wont let me put a link in...)

  5. What an epic adventure! Reading all about it from Santa Cruz, Calfornia, since you mentioned it on your Plaxo update. - Karen