Sunday, 26 July 2009

The other Tour...

"A 2.5 col day. 2300m up and 70km. Started half way up the Tourmalet, then the Aspin and finally the Peyresourde. Now in Luchon at the AQR hotel. Only slightly red from all the sun today. Not seen any of the tour since Biarritz. Ah well!"

Then earlier on today:

"Ce soir finds me in Massat with 100km and the Col de Mente and the Potrtet d'Aspet done. A warm day but the big climbs were done by lunchtime and the afternoon was spent spinning up the Gorges de Ribaouto to Massat and its 6 Eurocapsite. Now i just need to find some food on a Sunday night...not easy"

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  1. 'ce soir'

    Get you. Le Francais eat rubbing off n'est pas.