Monday, 20 July 2009

Where am I?

Got the highlighter pen, two different sets of maps (1:100,000 French and 1:150,000 Spanish - probably going with the Spanish ones as there are only three to carry, rather than four, plus they have _some_ campsites marked on.) - my bar bag's not turned up, so I'm just about to hop in the car and drive over the hill to Carradice in Nelson. Lucky they're so local eh? Then pack, wave goodbye to work and drive to Shaggy's in Bristol - then I'll see if I can fit my bike in its box.

Yes I have my passport...


  1. Just got back from Carradice, fitted the bar bag and the office just called to say that the original parcel just turned up. Typical.

    Anyway, I'm off now! Woohoo! See y'all on the road.

  2. Go get some fun (and sunshine...lacking in this bit of the UK!)


  3. Have a great trip Chipps. Enjoy it!